Top 9 Best Medicines to Dry Up Runny Nose

Hello, guys, I’m going to share with you guys which is the best medicine to dry up a runny nose.

As you all know that winter is arriving very soon this will also bring many nose related problems with them. It is better to take prevention for the same because you always have heard from your teachers that “prevention is better than cure”. But these days our life is as much busy in work whether office or home that we do not get time to take care of ourselves. Our busy life with no care of our health brings health problem and one of them is a runny nose.

Best medicine to dry up runny nose easily

What is runny nose meaning?

It is secretion of fluid from the nasal which further passes through the nostrils which cause irritation, inflammation, allergies, and discomfort in the nose. It becomes very uncomfortable for the person to breathe properly which further cause loss of sleep in nights. As runny nose causes irritation So it is necessary to cure the same as soon as possible.

How to fix runny nose by using simple home remedies?

Medicines cannot cure a cold completely but it will make you feel better than before. Here I’m explaining you some ways to dry up a runny nose in an effective way.

Take a lot of rest

As you know that our body requires a lot of energy to fight disease or any kind of viral infection. Taking rest helps in keeping increased energy which further helps in healing our body from the disease. Sleep is a kind of god gift for fighting any kind of viral infection, disease, and sickness, etc. As much as you will take rest your body will get healed that fast.



You have also noticed at your home that whenever you feel something strange in your body taking sleep makes you get rid of it. It is the best cold medicine for adults and any other age people.

Take more fluids

As we all know that 70 percent of our body consists of water so water is an essential part of our body and taking it in a large quantity while treating a runny nose is very beneficial for our body. But in case of a runny nose and sneezing, we should use warm fluid and not the cool one. Warm fluid like warm water, hot tea, coffee, milk, vegetable soup, and chicken soup, etc. are some fluids which we can use while having a runny nose. Warm fluids make the mucus thin which further reduces irritation and helps us getting relaxed.Sip hot fluids

Steam up

Taking steam is one of the best medicine for a constant runny nose. It helps in soothing the mucous membrane. You can take steam through a hot shower bath or by taking Vicks in a bowl.

take steam

How to use this tip?

  • Take some hot water in a bowl.
  • Put some Vicks in it.
  • Now put the bowl near you.
  • Take a towel over you in such a way that head and bowl get covered.
  • Take a deep breath over the bowl.
  • Repeat this process for a few minutes.
  • You will feel much relaxed than before.

Note-: Maintain as much distance from the bowl so that it could not harm you and you can take the steam effectively.

Apply Vicks

You can get the Vicks from any medical store. Applying Vicks on the nose make us get relief. Vicks are also available in the form of candies these days so you can purchase them to carry in your pocket for safety whenever you will be going outside in a runny nose. It works as a stop runny nose medicine.

How to use it?

  • Take a Vicks Vaporub from the medical store.
  • Apply it to your nose, throat, and chest as well.
  • While applying it keep the fan off.
  • After applying it take a sleep.
  • You will heal faster.

Saline nasal spray

Using a saline nasal spray for runny nose 3 to 5 times a day is very effective and simple way to get rid of a runny nose. It helps you to breathe freely again and also it does not have any side effects for the body. It basically helps in the soothing mucous membrane and makes them thin. You can make saline spray solution at home or you can purchase a saline spray from any nearby medical store.

How to make saline spray solution at home?

  • Take a bowl filled with lukewarm water (not as much hot).
  • Put a pinch of salt in it.
  • Mix it properly.
  • Your saline spray solution is ready to use
  • Passing it through the nose helps in the soothing mucous membrane and ultimately it helps in stopping a runny nose.

Syrups and tablets

Syrups and tablets are also available at the medical store for runny nose medication. By taking syrups at least twice a day you can heal your body in a fast way. Tablets and syrups should be taken as per the instructions.

Note-: While taking syrups always take a prescription from a doctor first and take a look at expiry date. Special care should be given while purchasing medicine for a pregnant lady.

Give a gentle massage to nose

Give a gentle massage to your nose between eyes and earlobes so that it relaxes your sinuses which further helps in stopping a runny nose.

How to do it?

  • Put gentle pressure on your nostrils.
  • Slowly rub above your eyes and earlobes.
  • You will soon get the results.
  • Repeat this process at least once in a day.

Blow your nose

Sometimes our nose gets filled with excess mucus and fluid which further result in a runny nose. So in this situation blowing your nose is one of the best home remedies for running nose. Don’t do excess blowing because it may result in redness of nose and skin irritation.

I don’t think that I need to tell you How to blow your nose…

Take a warm compress

It is the most simple tip which we can use at home to get relax faster. Warm compress on our nose and on our forehead helps us to reduce the pressure of sinus.

How to do it? 

  • Take a bowl of lukewarm water.
  • Take a towel and soak it in the water
  • Now give a compress to your nose and forehead.
  • You will feel that pressure from your sinuses is getting reduced.
  • Repeat this process at least once a day.

Hopefully, you got some ways to dry up your Runny Nose. It really irritating the most when you eat or do some mind focusing work it keeps running. So follow all the above ways to get your Runny Nose dry without taking any medical tablets. Do share this article with someone 🙂 you care about and help them to get rid of Runny Nose problem.

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