How to Get Rid of Cold in 24 Hours (Best Home Remedies)

Hi, guys, I’m going to share with you guys How to get rid of a cold faster. Nowadays cold is a very common problem among people of all ages. We suffer from cold even from a small change in weather(especially in winters).

As I have already said that cold is a very common problem nowadays so it is very important for us to know how to get rid of this problem faster. It’s not fun to tolerate cold with patience. As such, there is no way to get rid of the cold but we can do something to get faster relief from cold. Although cold goes away itself within five to six days we cannot make yourself to suffer for 6 days because we have to perform our day to day task and it’s not easy to perform the same with that ease.

Get rid off cold overnight home remedies

Most people are working these days. They require more energy to fight with the cold as well as to perform their tasks.  For better performance, they have to be healthy first. Most of them do not get time to look for the doctor. As such medicines are available for the cold in the chemist shop but taking medicine without prescription of doctor may have some side effects or harmful effects.

Do you know…

we can get rid of the cold faster by following some easy and simple tips at home?

How to Get Rid of Cold

Here are those easy and simple tips which you should try at least once when you are suffering from cold.

  1. Take rest-: When we suffer from cold it requires more energy to fight with the infection. Taking a nap with full of sweet dreams is very helpful in relaxing our body. We have to be calm while we are suffering from cold because we need to save our energy to fight infection.
    take rest
    In cold it’s better to stay at home instead of going to school or office. You might have heard in your school days from your teacher “early to bed, early to rise”, it’s better to use this here to get rid of a cold fast. Soon you will feel better.
  2. Garlic-: Garlic is one of the most common ingredients used in cooking food at home. But

Do you know we can also use it for treating cold in an effective and healthy way?

Garlic has so many benefits for our body as it contains antiviral, antioxidant and antibacterial properties which help in curing a cold easily and faster

  • Take a peeled clove.
  • Eat it by doing slices.
  • If it is tasting bad, You can mess it on toast with some olive oil or honey.
  • Repeat this process within three to four hours.
  • Soon you will find a change in your health.

So this way you can have garlic and get rid of cold faster by just eating a single clove of garlic. It also helps in decongestion problem related to cold and flu.

  1. Drink more fluids-: Drinking warm fluids in cold helps in making the mucus thin in your nasal passages and reduce the level of irritation and inflammation in your nostrils. Allergy, irritation, and inflammation in nasal passages are the main causes of cold so drinking warm fluids ultimately helps in curing cold faster.
  • You can have any kind of warm fluids like tea, coffee, black tea, and soup, etc.
  • Sipping a cup of Ginger tea is the most popular home remedy among people who suffers from cold.
  • Mint tea is also very helpful in cold as mints have so many benefits for our health.
  • Taking warm sips of fluids like tea, coffee, soup, and water helps in improving blood circulation and makes mucus thin which further help us to breathe freely.
  • Do not let your throat to be dry.
  • Soon you will find a change in your health

Guys this is the most natural trick to recover from cold faster. So must try this while suffering from cold.

NOTES: Do not use caffeinated coffee, sodas, and alcohol which can make us dehydrated.

  1. Honey-: honey is a natural ingredient found at home of almost every person. We can use honey as a medicine to get rid of the cold faster as it has many benefits.
  • Honey consists of anti-oxidant, antibacterial and antiviral properties that help our body to fight with virus, bacteria, and fungus, etc.
  • It helps to cheer up a sore throat and getting relief from allergy and irritation.
  • It improves our immune system and ultimately helps in curing cold faster.
  • Honey keeps our body warm
  • Prevents cold in the future, makes us healthy and helps in getting fit also.
  • Taking honey before going to bed is very helpful in congestion.
    honey cold remedies

You can intake honey in various combination like.

  • Honey with cinnamon.
  • Lemon, Honey with ginger.
  • Cold Water with Honey.
  1. A hot shower-: Taking a hot shower helps in relaxing our body and improves blood circulation in our body. The heat from the hot shower helps in getting relief from pain in muscles. A hot shower helps in making the mucus thin in our nostrils and helps us to breathe more relax fully or easily. After taking a shower we can have a good nap.

You will find the same result in taking steam.

  • Take a bowl of hot water.
  • Put some drops of Vicks in it
  • Cover the bowl by putting the towel over your head so that you can take better steam

Note-: Take proper care while taking steam and maintain as much distance from the hot bowl so that you can take great steam without harming yourself.

  1. Chicken soup-: It is the best way to get rid of the cold faster for non-vegetarians. It fulfills their taste as well as keeps them healthy. Warm chicken soup helps to keep the body warm in cold. It consists of very strong antioxidant known as cysteine which helps in fighting infection. Chicken soup helps in making a strong immune system. Vegetarians can go for vegetable soup that is also healthy and effective medicine in cold.
    chicken soup

So these are the remedies to get rid of a cold faster. Hope you like this article, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family and also do subscribe to this blog for more helpful cold remedies delivered to your inbox.

Be happy to be healthy!

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